FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the device require electricity to operate?

The device does not need electricity. The user operates the treadmill, which follows the user’s movements.

What does the running belt consist of?

The running belt consists of 26 stainless steel rollers that rotate around their axis. In addition, the running belt has 6 rollers (3 at the front and 3 at the rear) that do not rotate.

What is the size of the device?

The device is 1840 mm long, 928 mm wide, and 1600 mm high.

What is the weight of the device?

The device weighs 170 kg.

What are the transport dimensions of the device?

We have calculated all transport configurations in the link below: https://www.igreenmill.com/menu/distributors/

What material is the treadmill made of?

The treadmill is made of 99% stainless steel. The remaining 1% is an aluminum checker plate on the sides of the treadmill.

What’s the shipping time?

Typically, we ship the device 40 days after receiving an order, but this time can be cut to 20 days at the buyer’s special request.

How is the iGreenMill Home model different from the iGreenMill City model?

The Home and City models differ from each other in three ways:

  1. Type of warranty – Home has a 5-year home warranty, and City has a 5-year Full Commercial warranty.
  2. Labels that are required in domestic and public spaces.
  3. The appearance of 6 fixed rollers – the rollers in the City treadmill have yellow markings for public areas.

Does iGreenMill have to be fixed to the ground?

Each iGreenMill model has holes in its feet for fixing the device to the ground.

What safety standards does iGreenMill meet?

The iGreenMill treadmill is manufactured according to the strict European Union standards. All standards that iGreenMill meets are listed below:

What safety certificates does iGreenMill have?

The iGreenMill treadmill has a CE certificate and a declaration of compliance with the following standards: