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iGreenMill City - Outdoor Treadmill

Discover the iGreenMill City series, innovative urban treadmills designed for public spaces. Their aesthetic appearance combined with functionality offer an unrivaled fitness experience in the urban jungle. These treadmills combine advanced technology and unique design, allowing residents to enjoy an outdoor workout without leaving their urban surroundings.

iGreenMill City

Check out the iGreenMill City collection, created with urban environments in mind. These treadmills are designed to enhance public spaces, promoting community health and well-being through their robust construction. Their presence in parks, squares and other publicly accessible places encourages city residents to be physically active outdoors.


Our Projects section showcases a variety of iGreenMill City product installations, highlighting their impact on users’ urban fitness journeys and community well-being. These cases show how iGreenMill City products can be flexibly integrated into urban environments, providing inspiration and motivation for physical activity.


Detailed technical descriptions help users make informed choices that meet their individual requirements.


Find local Distributors to purchase the iGreenMill City treadmill. Our network offers professional advice, installation services and post-purchase support, ensuring that each customer receives not only a product, but also a comprehensive service.